This is the story of Renee Cheung living and working at an organic dairy farm over a summer in Sweden. Her intention was to gain on-the-ground experience in sustainable agriculture, learn what it is like to be a dairy farmer and work in great partnership and harmoniously with the cows. To dance with the moo. But along the way to also absorb whatever wonderful things and wisdom country life has to teach. As such lessons often come unexpectedly in life, one can only have an open mindset, grab the bull by the horns, or in this case grab the dairy cow by the ears, and try to take in as much as possible.

But first things first. The ironic fact is that Renee never liked milk, not even as a child. Maybe the cows knew that, so they came charging at her when she first visited them after arriving at the Swedish farm. The cows were thankfully stopped by the metal fence inside the stable. From here her farming journey began.

Renee Cheung is Managing Partner and Founder of Bonterra Partners LLC, an investment consulting firm specializing in natural capital investments including sustainable agriculture, fisheries and water. Visit www.bonterrapartners.com for more information. Prior to founding Bonterra, Renee served as Private Equity Executive at RIT Capital Partners plc in London, a £2 billion publicly-listed investment trust in the United Kingdom chaired by Lord (Jacob) Rothschild. Previously, she worked at Pantheon Ventures in London and San Francisco, helping complete one of the firm’s largest secondaries transactions at that time.

IMG_0577 cropped and color corrected

Renee Cheung, Founder of Bonterra Partners LLC

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